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Solar Energy

There are two basic flavors to choose from – photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal. The second might guzzle large amounts of water and disturb desert ecosystems, but mega-projects are nevertheless breaking ground. People sending PV energy back into the grid are finding resistance from utilities. Here comes the sun.

Infographic shows how Tesla's new gigafactory will provide a statewide clean economy and jobs boom.
The new Tesla Motors factory being built outside Sparks, Nev., was already on tap to produce 500,...
05/12/2015 | Read More
The amount of energy Walmart gets from renewables has decreased from 4 percent to 3 percent, a new study finds.
For the past decade, Walmart has touted itself as a leader in sustainability, boasting about its...
11/20/2014 | Read More
'How long will the world and the U.S. continue to tolerate being able to pollute for free?'
SolarCity Corp., the nation's largest residential solar service provider, has a history of pushing...
10/17/2014 | Read More
Citizens in Berlin are fighting to democratize and decentralize the city's energy system, and they've found an unlikely model—in Sacramento, Calif.
BERLIN, Germany—A decision 90 years ago by the people of Sacramento, Calif. to oust a private...
12/12/2013 | Read More
At the often misunderstood DOE Loan Programs Office, 200 staffers work to fill a critical financing hole for new energy technologies in the United States.
At the U.S. Department of Energy's Washington, D.C. headquarters, the fourth floor feels like any...
10/09/2013 | Read More
Peter Davidson, a former investment banker, takes the helm. 'The truth is not at all what the popular perception is,' he says.
Peter Davidson walked nervously toward a U.S. Senate conference room in Washington, D.C. A lanky...
10/03/2013 | Read More
One of New York’s largest utilities will save $84 million by paying developers to put solar panels on the roofs of buildings. And it's not alone.
A handful of U.S. utilities have discovered they can save money by encouraging small rooftop solar...
09/12/2013 | Read More
Is the massive plant a misstep that will derail Germany’s clean energy shift—or a bridge that will let Hamburg thrive until enough renewables come on line?
HAMBURG—If you stand on top of a protective dyke in the village of Moorburg and look west or north...
07/24/2013 | Read More
Is the advanced discussion happening there now part of the future for American voters and lawmakers?
BERLIN—The grand old building in downtown Berlin has seen some of the worst of German history:...
06/13/2013 | Read More
An investment tool that is helping finance $400 billion worth of fossil fuel projects could be available to renewables—as soon as the bill can pass.
Congressional lawmakers from both parties are taking a step to catalyze the nation's clean energy...
05/13/2013 | Read More